Say NO to paper!

Why spend hours typing up data from paper forms when there is one easy to use tool that will not only present the questions in the order desired but generate the final document for you.

What is Formation

Formation is a platform designed for paperless systems 

Your existing forms can be reproduced as eForms so that they can be filled in on a mobile device.


Formation takes the drudgery out of paperwork. Reducing your printing and storage costs as well as  making data easier to find.

The eForms provide consistent structure and control.

Total control

With Formation you can decide how the questons will be answered and which are optional.


Industies like:

– Care
– Auditing
– Insurance
– Vehicles
– Construction
– Housing
– Field Service

Understanding Formation


You begin by creating a document with all the forms you require and end up with a PDF.

Wish you could get rid of the paper?

Formation allows you to design forms that can be filled in via a tablet, a phone or the desktop.

When the form is complete, all the collected data is sent back  to the cloud where you can review it, sign it off and share it with others.


The Power of Formation

No Coding

With Formation there is no need for coding, you can build all the logic you need just by applying the right options.

Document Driven

In formation the document is made up of sections and sections are made up of forms.

Each form has the list of questions you want to ask along with your logic.


Once you have built your documents and appropriate forms you can schedule when they should be used and by whom.

With the forms completed on a mobile device, the answers are available to be reviewed before being committed.


Even though the answers from the forms are printed as part of the main document, you can actually drill into the results using Formation’s unique query tool and export them to other systems.



The first question on people’s minds is security. We take security very seriously that’s why when we designed Formation we made sure it was built-in as standard.


All data relevant to an individual is stored on the device in an encrypted format AES 256.


All communcations use HTTPS. All mobile communications is via authenitcated API calls.


You can choose to make the available data anonymous. Most data is referenced only by the client id, however even the client data that goes to the mobile can be given an alias.


Deactivating the device from the back office will erase the local data. Similarily a reassignment of the device ID will force a local erase.

Finally only registered users can setup a device


Learn how Formation can be used in your industry.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is a important part of all businesses these days and Formation helps you with risk assessments, accident forms and inspections.


When doing audits Formation can save you a huge amount of time by building the report for you or making the data available to other systems.


The care industry is overloaded with paper, Formation makes all that simplier, avoids alot of typing up and ensure consistancy especially with assessments. 

Pricing Plan

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Basic micro businesses package. 

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1 Document & 3 Forms

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Small to medium size businesses. 

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Small to medium size businesses.

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For large teams requiring specialised implementation. 

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